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This week in PhoenixFire Designs!

The shop is up and running at full speed right now, in preparation of the upcoming holiday season! New items listed all the time and custom orders are GLADLY accepted!

Consider supporting handmade artisans this year such as PhoenixFire Designs. You get quality for your money and are buying from REAL people. Much better than something mass produced in China!

Don't forget to "Like" PhoenixFire Designs on Facebook.

Thank you for your support!
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What's new at!

Well, first off, after spending the ENTIRE summer on medications trying to get myself safe enough for surgery, looks like my hysterectomy will be on October 5th.

For those who've missed the updates, I'm 34 and over Memorial Day weekend, I went into the ER in massive pain, only to discover my uterus is full of tumors. Literally pounds of them. So much in fact, I was unsafe for surgery. I have over $10,000 in hospital bills and trying to raise the final $600 I need for surgery. (Of a total of $2,600 total.)

I've been on UNPAID medical leave this whole time (my last paycheck was June 3rd) so trying to pay my regular bills has been a challenge, let alone raising EXTRA money for surgery.

So here's a look at what's new in my shop. Sales help me with living expenses, medical bills and surgery costs. All the info can be found here.

Even if you can't buy something, just passing on the link in your twitter, facebook, blog, etc. is greatly appreciated!

Thank you for your support!
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Recent Shop Updates!

I've added a few things in the past week or so to the shop and thought I'd just do a small post showing off the newer pieces.

As always, I appreciate any links, or tweets or wall posts, etc. of my shop and/or items.We're still about $600 shy of of medical fundraiser goal for upcoming surgery, so promotion and support is really appreciated!

Click any image to go to the listing for more information and how to purchase!

All items available in the shop along with many others. And, as always, custom orders gladly accepted!
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PhoenixFire Designs Shop Update

Well, we're about 7 weeks into this unpaid medical leave bit and I'm getting nervous about the ever-decreasing balance in my account. I've been trying to get new items listed inbetween medication side effects, a/c failures and doctor's appointments so I thought I'd profile some of the newer items and available items to help drum up sales and attention to the shop.

All these and many more available in the shop. Remember, I also gladly accept custom orders too! If you have an idea for something or like something but want it changed or something that has previously sold, drop me a note. I'm happy to discuss options with you!

I'd also appreciate anyone passing on my shop link too since the more it gets out there, the more likely I will get sales. More in the works too so keep checking back.

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Medical Fundraising for Needed Surgery

You can follow the progress of visits, current health, etc on my blog with my hysterectomy tag but this is just a summary of the situation. The full details can also be found here:

Memorial Day Weekend I went into the ER after two days of non-stop severe pain. Many tests and an overnight stay later, it turns out that my uterus is full of tumors.I have multiple softball and multiple baseball sized fibroid tumors and equally large cysts. The total mass is approximately the size of a basketball.

I was on a fast-track for a hysterectomy when my OB/GYN discovered that it was worse then initially believed and I'm too high risk for surgery. High risk is 250 grams of tumors. I'm at over 1,200 grams. I am now on a shot to induce medical menopause in order to attempt to shrink the tumors prior to surgery. The larger the tumors, the more complicated and lengthy the surgery, the more time I will be under anesthesia, the more complications and blood transfusions I will need. So we're trying to get them shrunk at least half.

I work a part-time job that does NOT give me insurance. I also do NOT get paid for any time off period. So I’m already out two weeks of pay with many more to come. (When I do have surgery, I'll be out 4 weeks in unpaid recovery as well.) I have already applied for and been denied financial and medical assistance by the state. I’m asking anyone who can help for your support as a result.

I need a total of $2,600 just to pay my OB/GYN, $1,400 of which must be up front before the surgery. This does NOT include the hospital, anesthesiologist, radiology, etc. It also does NOT include the fees for the office visits and tests pre-op. (I’ve already spend $463 on those as of June 7th)

I have set up a Donation Fund here:

I am also trying to promote my own store front as replacement income during this period:

My friends are also helping me set up a second shop full of donated items. You can find that here:

If you could look around and see if there's something you'd like to buy, pass on my links, donate a hand crafted item, craft supplies or a vintage item for the fundraiser shop or make a donation - any of it would be helpful and appreciated. The more people pass on my information, links and story, the more I can hopefully raise the funds I need.

Thank you for your support!

Well Hello There!

Haven't heard anything from the group in awhile, and wanted to say how much I miss doing the swaps. Granted, right now I don't have a whole lot of money due to being unemployed, but I have crafty sorts of things and would love to get started again.

Granted, the mods are probably pulling their hair out trying to get everything straightened out and in order, but again, just wanted to give the page some sign of life and say there is someone still interested...

Who's with me? <g>

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What happens when the place you work for goes out of business the day before Thanksgiving?

Why you have a big sale of course!

My day job went out of business the day before Thanksgiving and a month before Christmas. So my holiday sales this year are more important than ever. I'm extending my HUGE Holiday Tree of Life Sale where you can get your choice of over two dozen styles and colors for only $25 with FREE SHIPPING.

Plus, I've listed new items including many more of my popular Bird's Nest (Nestlace) pendants!

Etsy: Your place to buy & sell all things handmade

Think outside the box this holiday season and get your friends, family and coworkers unique and original handmade jewelry this year!

Thank you for your continued support.


Hey y'all, this is the former slfcllednowhere, I just wanted to let y'all know that I changed my name so no one would get confused. :)
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More Books, Sneaking in under the wire

Here is the beginnings of a list of non-Pagan titles that we are offering for sale. The link to the current list is here on my journal but I will be updating it as I clear things out.

The same rules apply to this lot of books as they did to the last lot. Each title costs $1 and shipping will be determined by weight. Please reply here if you are interested in any of the titles.

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Pagan Books for Sale

As we are preparing to move, I'm getting rid of a bunch of pagan and new age titles to lighten our load. I'm selling them for $1 a book and I will be happy to ship anywhere in the US and Canada (shipping will be based on weight).

Wheel of the Year – Teresa Moorey and Jane Brideson
The Sabbats – Edain McCoy
Celtic Myth & Magic – Edain McCoy
A Witches Guide the Faery Folk – Edain McCoy
O Mother Sun! – Patricia Monaghan
A Bard’s Book of Pagan Song – Hugin the Bard
People of the Earth – Ellen Evert Hopman & Lawrence Bond
Magical Rites from the Crystal Well – Ed Fitch
What Witches Do – Stewart Farrar
The Wicca Book of Days – Gerina Dunwich
Sanctuaries of the Goddess – Peg Streep
Women’s Medicine Ways – Marcia Starck
Dancing with Dragons – D.J. Conway
Celtic Magic – D.J. Conway
The Magical Household – Scott Cunningham & David Harrington
Witchcraft Today (book 1) – Chas S. Clifton, ed.
A Wiccan Bardo – Paul V. Beyerl
The Celtic Twilight – W. B. Yeats
The Veil’s Edge – Willow Polson
Magical Meditations – Yasmine Galenorn
The Heart of the Goddess – Hallie Iglehart Austen

If you are interested in any of these titles, please reply to this post or email me at joandotjoankeithatgmaildotcom. These titles will be available until September 21st.

EDIT: As of today, I am home from vacation. I have updated the list of books available and am responding to each individual comment. If you are getting books from me, please send me your mailing address by email so that I can get these books in the mail in the coming week. This list will remain active until 9/21.