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More Books, Sneaking in under the wire

Here is the beginnings of a list of non-Pagan titles that we are offering for sale. The link to the current list is here on my journal but I will be updating it as I clear things out.

The same rules apply to this lot of books as they did to the last lot. Each title costs $1 and shipping will be determined by weight. Please reply here if you are interested in any of the titles.

Lynn Abby:
Out of Time
The Guardians

Richard Adams:

Woody Allen:
Without Feathers

Margery Allingham:
Sweet Danger (a Campion Mystery)

Piers Anthony:
If I Pay Thee Not In Gold (with Mercedes Lackey)
• Xanth Novels:
Source of Magic
Castle Roogna
Centaur Isle
Ogre, Ogre
Night Mare
Dragon on a Pedestal
Crewel Lye
Golem in the Gears
Vale of the Vole
Heaven Cent
Man from Mundania
Isle of View
Roc and a Hard Place
Zombie Lover
Faun & Games
Yon Ill Wind
• Phaze/Proton Series:
Split Infinity
Out of Phaze
Unicorn Point
Robot Adept
Phaze Doubt
• Incarnations of Immortality:
On A Pale Horse
With a Tangled Skein
Wielding the Red Sword
For Love of Evil
And Eternity

Risa Aratyr:
Hunter of the Light

Catherine Asaro:
The Charmed Sphere

Sarah Ash:
Lord of Snow and Shadows

Jean Auel:
The Valley of Horses
The Mammoth Hunters
The Plains of Passage
The Shelters of Stone

Steven Barnes:
Street Lethal

Gael Baudino:
• Water!:
O Greenest Branch!
The Dove Looked In
Branch and Crown
• Elves series:
Strands of Starlight
Maze of Moonlight
Shrouds of Shadow
Spires of Spirit

Alice Borchardt:

Marion Zimmer Bradley:
• Sword and Sorceress Anthology volumes I –XX (20 volumes)
• Darkover Novels:
Rediscovery (with Mercedes Lackey)
Darkover Landfall
Two to Conquer
The Spell Sword
Sharra’s Exile
The Forbidden Tower
Star of Danger
City of Sorcery
The Heirs of Hammerfell
The Heritage of Hastur
Thendara House
The Shattered Chain
The Winds of Darkover / The Planet Savers
The Bloody Sun
Traitor’s Sun
The Shadow Matrix

Gene Brewer:
On A Beam of Light

Patricia Briggs:
Steal the Dragon
When Demons Walk

David Brin:
Heart of the Comet (with Gregory Benford)
The Uplift War
Startide Rising

William J. Brooke:
Teller of Tales

Terry Brooks:
The Sword of Shannara
The Elfstones of Shannara
The Wishsong of Shannara
The Scions of Shannara
The Druid of Shannara
The Elf Queen of Shannara
First King of Shannara

Mildred Downey Broxon:
Too Long a Sacrifice

Emma Bull:
Freedom & Necessity (with Steven Brust)

Anne Kelleher Bush:
Daughter of Prophecy
Children of Enchantment
The Misbegotten King

Anthony Burgess:
The Waiting Seed

Octavia Butler:
Wild Seed
Clay’s Ark
Pattern Master

Martin Caidin:
Indiana Jones and the White Witch

Orson Scott Card:
The Abyss (movie novelization)
The Folk of the Fringe
The Memory of Earth
The Call of Earth
The Ships of Earth

C.J. Cherryh:
Gate of Ivrel (Graphic Novel)
• The Sword of Knowledge Series:
A Dirge For Sabis (with Leslie Fish)
Wizard Spawn (with Nancey Asire)
Reap the Whirlwind (with Mercedes Lackey)
The Faded Sun: Kesrith
Chanur’s Homecoming
The Kif Strikes Back

Jo Clayton:
The Soul Drinker (one volume version of the Drinker of Souls Series)
Wild Magic
Magic Wars
Skeen’s Leap
Skeen’s Return
Skeen’s Search
Changer’s Moon
Dancer’s Rise

Diana Cohen:
The Shadow Knows… Radio Plays (with Irene Burns Hoeflinger)

Wilkie Collins:
The Moonstone
The Woman in White

Evan S. Connell:
The Alchymist’s Journal

Glen Cook:
The Black Company

Richard Cowper:
The Road to Corlay

Daniel da Cruz:
Texas on the Rocks

L. Sprague De Camp:
The Prisoner of Zhammanak

Choderlos De Lacols:
Les Liaisons Dangereuses (Dangerous Liaisons, trans. Richard Aldington)

Sinead De Valera:
Fairy Tales of Ireland

Susan Dexter:
The Ring of Allaire
The Sword of Calandra
The Mountaius of Channadran
The Prince of Ill Luck
The True Knight

Charles Dickens:
Oliver Twist

Jim Dodge:
Stone Junction

Tim Dorsey:
Triggerfish Twist</b>

Carole Nelson Douglas:
Cup of Clay
Seed Upon the Wind

David Drake:
Hammer’s Slammers

Wayland Drew:
Dragonslayer (movie novelizaion)

Carola Dunn:
Once Upon a Kiss: A Regency Romance Anthology (with Karla Hocker & Judith A. Lansdowne)

Rosemary Edgehill:
The Shadows of Albion

Doris Egan:
The Gate of Ivory
Two-Bit Heros
Guilt-Edged Ivory

Suzette Haden Elgin:
Native Tongue
The Judas Rose

Philip Jose Farmer:
Lord Tyger

Patricia Finney:
Unicorn’s Blood

E. M. Forster:
A Room With a View

Alan Dean Foster:
Krull (movie novelization)
The Dig (video game novelization)
Dinotopia Lost

James Foster:
World’s Great Folktales

C. S. Friedman:
In Conquest Born

Craig Shaw Gardner:
The Other Sinbad

Richard Garnett:
The White Dragon

W. Michael and Kathleen O’Neal Gear:
People of the Fire

Terry Goodkind:
Wizard’s First Rule

Tami Hoag:
Guilty As Sin

Nina Kiriki Hoffman:
The Silent Strength of Stones

Garry Kilworth:
Highlander (movie novelization)

Louise Marley:
Sing the Light
Sing the Warmth
Receive the Gift

Colleen McCullough:
The First Man in Rome

Katherine Neville:
The Magic Circle

Andre Norton:
Witch World

Pat O’Shea:
The Hounds of the Morrigan

Fiona Patton:
The Stone Prince

Irene Radford:
The Glass Dragon

Melanie Rawn:
Dragon Prince

Nora Roberts:
The MacGregors: Daniel / Ian
Born in Fire
Born in Ice
Born in Shame
Sea Swept
Rising Tides
Inner Harbor
Chesapeake Blue
The Reef
Key of Light

Kate Ross:
The Devil In Music

Kristine Kathryn Rusch:
The White Mists of Power

R.A. Salvatore:
Echos of the Fourth Magic
The Witch’s Daughter

Pamela Sargent:
The Shore of Women

Carol Severance:
Demon Drums

A.C.H. Smith:
The Dark Crystal (movie novelization)

Joan D. Vinge:
LadyHawke (movie novelization)

Jack Whyte:
The Skystone


TOS #76 The Captain’s Daughter – Peter David

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